School of Management

The School of Management (SOM) envisions to be a leader in providing a branded product, a programme of choice in the area of business and management education for the Asian region. The main thrust of the school is providing knowledge related to business functions (human resource, marketing, operation and financial management) for practicing managers in all sorts of organizations. They include officials in business and non-business organizations,may have an opportunity to upgrade themselves through a flexible blended learning approach which combine both online and face-to-face interaction.
SOM conceives to meet and service a greater part of the fast-paced demand for building capacity, and enriching talent and access to all parts of the world with quality programmes at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The School prepares graduates to take up leadership positions in the public and corporates sectors. The knowledge, skills and values incorporated in the various programmes seek to ensure that graduates meet the needs of a rapidly changing environment and to effectively adapt to a dynamic situation that is increasingly diverse in all aspects: economic, technology, social and politics.
The School has been actively involved in research in collaboration with other universities and also government agencies. The focus of the research is on the entrepreneurship programmes (Ministry of Agriculture), consultancy on flood problems including mitigation plan (Johore Economic Planning Unit) and wildlife management procedure (Department of Wildlife and National Park). The findings of this research and consultancy work will further enhance the quality of programmes delivered and equip students with up-to-date knowledge, management and presentation skills to function in a dynamic global environment.

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